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Introducing Perticone - a bespoke shoemaker from Rome, Italy.

The man behind Perticone is Seiichi Yoshimoto, a Japanese shoemaker who has been living and making shoes in Italy for more than 13 years. During this time, Seiichi‘s most precious experience is to have learnt bespoke shoemaking from the legendary Sig. Gaetano, a master shoemaker who is considered by many as the best in Italy.

Since moving to Italy more than a decade ago, Seiichi has worked for some of the oldest shoe brand in Italy and it includes Mannina, Marini and Mecurio to name a few. In addition, Seiichi was also an outworker for a few brands and has been making shoes for George Cleverley for 10 years.

Having worked for so many brands, Seiichi has gained valuable experience and immense knowledge of both Italian and English it the unique styling or the different construction.
11th & 12th December 2019
Last & Lapel