About us

Last & Lapel

"Last is where the shape of a shoe is formed and lapel is where the styling of a suit starts"

With the same purpose of a shoe last and jacket lapel, we want our store to serve as a destination for your sartorial sense to take form and allow you to define your personal style.

Last & Lapel was established in 2016 and we are a classic menswear store based in Singapore.

At Last & Lapel, we sell only products that we will wear ourselves and we stock only the brands and makers that we trust. Of all the brands and makers in the world, we choose only the ones that offer great value in terms of quality and construction.

The brands and makers in our store are mainly from Italy - a region renowned for its craftsmanship, where their products are genuinely Made in Italy. Makers from other countries include Japan and South Korea where their passion and dedication for their crafts are unrivalled.

With an eye for detail and emphasis on classic style, we pick only products with timeless and unique designs.